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Think Snow

Posted in Rentals on November 29, 2010 by Julie Nachtwey, the Claremont Hills Real Estate Expert

Fred and me snowboarding at Squaw Valley

Friends…You’re invited to rent our wonderful house in Squaw Valley USA.  We leave our car in the garage and jump on the shuttle to the slopes.  We enjoy all the amenities of The Resort at Squaw Creek as well as The Village at Squaw Valley. And it’s fun to explore nearby historic Truckee and scenic Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe.  By the way, our favorite restaurant is Jake’s on the Lake.  We love spending time here all year round!  Visit listing # 319132

Green Grass Roots

Posted in CLAREMONT HILLS, NEIGHBORHOOD on November 22, 2010 by Julie Nachtwey, the Claremont Hills Real Estate Expert

One of the best parts of living in The Claremont Hills is having easy access to nearby parks and open spaces.  The Claremont Canyon Conservancy brings a rewarding and educational outdoor experience to our neighborhood, in our own backyard. 

The annual CCC meeting held recently at The Claremont Hotel featured John Swanson, Assistant Fire Chief of the East Bay Regional Park District.  He is an expert in large fire suppression.

 “The Conservancy is a true grass roots organization,” says Marilyn Goldhaber. “After the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm, a small group of individuals studied what had happened and why over a ten-year period. 

“They eventually convinced their neighbors to form a conservancy for the long-term good of the community.  Their goal was to keep the dialogue going.  They didn’t want important work in the canyon and surrounding wild lands left on the back burner, to be forgotten. 

“Since 2001 more than 500 individuals and families have joined the Conservancy, many pledging support exceeding $1,000 over ten years.  Such community interest and support has made our program very successful.”

 If you are interested in volunteering for Claremont Canyon Stewardship or joining this dedicated group, email   You can visit the website to learn more about the diverse activities including: December 11 Bird Walk with Dave Quady and February 20 Wild Flowers of late Winter/Early Spring.

 Keynote Speaker at the CCC annual meeting was John Swanson with 33 years of fire suppression experience with the US Forest Service

The Crew at Work


Students from U.C. Berkeley participated in the CCC “Berkeley Project” for trail maintenance and weed removal, with lunch provided by Rick n Ann’s 
CAL Student Volunteers
The Berkeley High students built two bridges and several dozen steps on the UC property, organized by Tom Klatt, Environmental
Projects Manager,UC Berkeley.  He is working on the fire mitigation program.
U.C. Berkeley Students Work the Land

U.C. Berkeley Students Work the Land

 Next year – 2011 — will be the CCC’s tenth-year anniversary.

Posted in NEIGHBORHOOD on November 15, 2010 by Julie Nachtwey, the Claremont Hills Real Estate Expert

It’s my pleasure to bring your attention to a news feature that appeared yesterday in Sunday’s SF CHRONICLE. Here is the hyperlink to the article 

This a story about vision and renewal.  Our friend Eddie Orton fought against the odds to save and renovate the historic Henry Ford assembly plant built in 1930. He believed that green renovation could bring business, jobs and hope to neglected urban areas.  Eddie’s commitment to the now up and running Craneway Pavilion has brought positive energy to the local economic picture.   The once decimated structure is now a showcase venue for local events, from Roller Derby to The Oakland East Bay Symphony.  Pixar even threw their office party for 3000 at The Craneway Pavilion.

Not mentioned in the news feature is the small adjacent boiler house, which once fueled the factory.  Now patrons can enjoy a unique dining experience at The Boiler House Restaurant. It’s such fun and the food is delicious.  And it’s just steps from the Bay Trail for bicyclists, roller-bladers and families with strollers. Between the sailboats from the marina and the skyline of SF and the bay, there’s never a dull moment.  Soon the Rosie the Riveter Museum will be relocated in an auxiliary building.

Under Age Voting

Posted in NEIGHBORHOOD on November 1, 2010 by Julie Nachtwey, the Claremont Hills Real Estate Expert

 This Halloween, only Trick or Treaters — under the age of 18 — were invited to vote at our homemade polling station. 


Kids had three issues from which to choose.  Then they cast paper ballots into a cardboard voting machine. 


Here’s the tally: “Save Planet Earth” – 17 votes; “Protect the Animals” – 13 votes; and “Be Kind to Others” – 9 votes.  One of our neighbors, Max Potter, a student at Berkeley High, shared the thinking behind his decision: “If we don’t save the earth, nothing else matters.”  Apparently he convinced the group of students to contemplate what’s at stake!