It’s my pleasure to bring your attention to a news feature that appeared yesterday in Sunday’s SF CHRONICLE. Here is the hyperlink to the article 

This a story about vision and renewal.  Our friend Eddie Orton fought against the odds to save and renovate the historic Henry Ford assembly plant built in 1930. He believed that green renovation could bring business, jobs and hope to neglected urban areas.  Eddie’s commitment to the now up and running Craneway Pavilion has brought positive energy to the local economic picture.   The once decimated structure is now a showcase venue for local events, from Roller Derby to The Oakland East Bay Symphony.  Pixar even threw their office party for 3000 at The Craneway Pavilion.

Not mentioned in the news feature is the small adjacent boiler house, which once fueled the factory.  Now patrons can enjoy a unique dining experience at The Boiler House Restaurant. It’s such fun and the food is delicious.  And it’s just steps from the Bay Trail for bicyclists, roller-bladers and families with strollers. Between the sailboats from the marina and the skyline of SF and the bay, there’s never a dull moment.  Soon the Rosie the Riveter Museum will be relocated in an auxiliary building.

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