Why this Blog?

Julie Nachtwey     1.14.10

Purpose of My Blog

As a journalism major in college, my professors taught us how to tell a story.  We started with the basics: who, what, when, where, why.  As I evolved into a news reporter, the boundaries became clear: get the facts straight, and tell both sides.  Only then can readers understand what’s really going on.  Both substance and style were stressed.   Our goal was – and is — to keep people informed.

Later in my professional life I wrote news and feature stories for The Associated Press and The St. Louis Post Dispatch.  I still love telling stories.  There are so many good ones, including amazing interesting events, compelling causes and awesome people.

That’s why I wish to write a blog – to keep people in my sphere of influence informed.  Sharing what I know about my community is my passion.  Bringing to light news and information that helps others is how I make a difference.

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