Bake Sale Bunnies

Bake Sale Bunnies

“Home baked goodies for your tummy!”  That’s the slogan for Bake Sale Bunnies, owned and operated by two ambitious 11-year-old girls in my neighborhood. Izzy lives across the street from me…by the way, in a home I sold her parents ten years ago.  Since Izzy was three, off-and-on she has come over and we bake something. “I like baking because it is your own master piece, but you can eat it!” she says.  No wonder kitchens are the most important room in the house for many people.  When homebuyers are looking at property, one of their priorities is usually a new or remodeled kitchen, or kitchen with potential. Recently Izzy came over with her friend, Sophia, and they made yummy cupcakes. Next we teamed up and made blueberry pies!  The girls have often cooked with their parents, who are good cooks.  Now the girls feel confident enough to start their own cake baking business.

Three birthdays are coming up in my family, so naturally I’ve ordered three yummy cakes and one batch of cupcakes from Bake Sale Bunnies.  If you too would like to place an order, contact Izzy at

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