Botanical Art and more…

Botanical Art and more
At UC Botanical Garden

Today was another inspirational day to visit the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley.  At the entrance window, I renewed my family membership for $65.  So many interesting programs and events are offered, it’s impossible to fit them all in my Day-Timer. 

Next I browsed through the “Plant Clearance Sale.”   It was exciting to find several shade plants with promise of bright orange blooms. Many of the plants are suitable as house plants, which help make a house feel like a home. The majority of plants are best suited for life in the outdoors.  Investing in your garden and landscaping make the property look its best, adding value.

This morning was cloudy and rainy and sunny…ever-changing by the minute. The weather seemed to mirror the plants themselves, endlessly evolving through the seasons.  Because it was a little cold, my friend and I followed signs to the 1st Annual Botanical Art Exhibition.  We trekked along the paved path to the show.  Walking in, we were dazzled by the bright hues of blue, red, yellow, pink, green and shades in between.  The wild flowers were delicately illustrated in water color and framed, “for sale.” On our way out, we talked with one of the artists herself, Eliza Jewett of San Francisco.  Eliza said she has been drawing flowers as long as she can remember. The show includes works by approximately 20 members of Northern California Society of Botanical Artists.  It continues through Friday, January 16.

By the way, the Sick Plant Clinic usually scheduled the first Saturday of every month did not take place this month.  It will resume on Saturday February 7 from 9 am to 12 pm. For an online listing of all the activities and events available each month, feel free to Visit

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