Kids Vote and Toast of the Town

Olivia Nachtwey, age 7, was excited that her first Brownies meeting – virtual, of course – was all about VOTING! Every Brownie filled out a voter registration card. Then each made a poster to remind everyone to VOTE.

Olivia took it one step further and created a VOTING BOX where kids under the age of 18 could vote. The box was placed on the front porch of her grandparent’s home, Fred and Julie Nachtwey. Olivia labeled five different ballots for her favorite causes: Save the Earth, Power to Girls, Protect the Animals, Be Kind to All and Black Lives Matter or BLM. Early voting attracted kids in her neighborhood. Too bad there wasn’t a ballot that started: All of the Above! After the election, ballots will be counted and the winner announced.

Neighborhood kids who participated in the first round of voting: Olivia and Enzo Nachtwey, Lila and Miles Kremer and Blair and Austin Welch.

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