Our Visit to Rosie the Riveter Museum

See How Americans Joined Together to Win!


What a marvelous day I spent with friends at the Rosie the Riveter/

WW ll Home Front National Historic Park Open daily 10 to 5 in Richmond.

The highlight was listening to a talk by Betty Reid Soskin.  At age 95 she’s the oldest US park ranger in the nation Learn more about Betty Reid Soskin


My guest Betty Bainbridge Vitez from Ohio, and several friends enjoyed displays and films celebrating how women and minorities entered the workforce and changed America forever.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch next door at ASSEMBLE Restaurant, part of the historic CRANEWAY PAVILION

THE CRANEWAY PAVILION houses the restaurant.  The stunning 45,000 sq ft modern venue has been creatively re-tooled brought to life from the original 1930 Ford Assembly Plant. It’s where the Rosies made tanks, jeeps and armored cars.

ROSIE THE RIVETER TRUST works with the national park to expand educational opportunities and develop new ways to motivate and engage youth www.rosietheriveter.org


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