A unique store, located at 2950 College Avenue in the Elmwood, is turning heads. It’s called “Collector,” and offers affordable original art at prices ranging from $5 to $1000. Collector’s mission is to fill the niche between high-end fine art galleries and artist-run open studios. “It is a great concept and a wonderful venue for local artists to show their work” explained Kristen Jensen, a local artist who grew up in Berkeley and specializes in abstract, landscape and figurative paintings. Below (left) is a photo of three of her playful and colorful Pears.

My husband Fred and I attended an art opening at “Collector” last month with friends of the artists and residents of the Elmwood neighborhood. We were amazed that there is something fore every taste, pocketbook and purpose. The selection included: original paintings, drawings, illustrations, prints, ceramics, jewelry noteboods, textiles and various mixed media items.

Kristen happens to be our long-time neighbor, who lives accross the street with her family. She’s also a lawyer — how does she ever find time to paint? We’re lucky she does, because we love her work. We showcase several of her paintings, including Central Park and Sonoma in our home. To see more of her work, visit Kristen is pictured below (left,center) with Fred and me.

“Collector” was opened in October 2011 by two friends, Skye Sullivan and Christina Begley. Their idea was to make original art more accessible to everyone. Visit “Collector” on Facebook make a personal visit to:

2905 College Ave, Elmwood.

Monday-Thursday * 11 – 6

    Friday-Saturday * 11 – 8

                 Sunday * 11 – 5

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