Michael Lewis Hits Another Home Run

Bestselling author Michael Lewis kept his audience laughing for two hours last Friday at Head Royce School.  He was in conversation with journalist Linda Schacht for a special evening event to raise funds for Vincent Academy.  The new Oakland charter school is scheduled to open in August www.vincentacademy.org  Lewis said his mother is “a dynamo” and is involved with charter schools herself.  This connection heightened his interest in supporting the fledgling charter school.

Journalist Linda Schacht and Author Michael Lewis listening to questions from the audience

Lewis lives in Berkeley.  He praised his adopted home as the only place he’s ever felt at home, other than his birthplace, New Orleans.  In the late 90’s Lewis accepted a teaching position at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Since then he’s risen to the “the top of the heap of great narrative journalists,” according to Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair

Michael Lewis autographs books after the fund-raising event held at Head Royce School


Lewis’ narrative genius was certainly in evidence Friday night.  As audience member Esther Hirsh commented, “He is a wonderful story teller who is able to view events with eyes untainted by conventional thinking.”

Lewis is the prolific author of numerous articles and 14 books, including: Liar’s Poker, The New Thing, Blindside, Moneyball, Home Game, and The Big  Short. He recently left the staff of The New York Times Magazine to become a reporter for Vanity Fair.  Lewis has been devoting his attention to what he calls “financial disaster travel journalism” – writing articles on the economies of Iceland,Greece, and Ireland.  He will soon head to Spain and Portugal. There seems to an abundance of subject matter. 



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