Get to Know Your Neighbors


It was meet and greet time at the annual meeting of the North Hills Community Assn, formerly known at the North Hills Phoenix Assn. 

The organization rose from the ashes of the 1991 Firestorm.  Now it has evolved into a bigger and more diverse community organization that covers a bigger swath of issues and concerns.  These include: safety, emergency preparedness, vegetation management, crime prevention, parking, development and local political issues.

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Gordon Wozniak, Berkeley City Councilman from District 8, addressed the audience. Also speaking were City Council women Jane Brunner of District 1 & Libby Schaaf of District 4.

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To join the neighborhood on-line list serve where neighbors keep other neighbors informed and connected, visit

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan gave a presentation and answered questions.

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The NHCA Public Safety Committee meets the fourth Thursday of the month at Firehouse #7, at 1006 Amito on the corner of Gravatt. 

This committee is part of the North Hills Community Association (NHCA), and focuses on issues related directly to public safety, including: police, fire, traffic, emergency response, and associated topics. 

Neighborhood Watch Captains and residents are encouraged to attend these meetings, and raise public safety-related issues with the committee.

Meeting agendas are published a few days in advance of the meeting, and can be found at

Claudia Albano, head of Neighborhood Services, promoted Neighborhood Watch.

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