“Swapping for Good” in the Claremont Hills



Several young women who grew up in our neighborhood and their friends joined together for “Swap for Good.”  This dedicated group raises awareness and financial donations for organizations that help prevent domestic violence and provide victims with emergency care.

Sisters Hannah and Sarah Lesser check out the merchandise

Longtime Claremont Hills Resident Debby Lesser, and her daughters Sarah and Hannah, hosted the community wide clothing swap at their family home.  They welcomed the two young women activists who started “Swap for Good.”  It all began last year but has caught on across the US and even other countries.  Unfortunately, domestic violence is a problem that knows no geographic, age or economic boundaries.

What to wear?

At the event, a tv news reporter from ABC-Channel 7 arrived and interviewed a number of participants. Check out this video link.  Another positive spin-off of the Clothes Swap is recycling clothes, rather than buying new ones. The two founders recently wrote about their ingenious project in a CNN Op-ed  . 

The money raised at the Lesser’s Clothing Swap will be donated to two dedicated bay area organizations. La Casa de las Madres provides shelter for victims. Shalom Bayit. helps educate young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Clothing that was not “swapped” will be sold to consignment shops.

Hannah Lesser helps her neighbor, Ayunda Kusmierski, find something just her size

It was a fun evening of community and sharing.  I was inspired by these young women acting on behalf of those touched by domestic violence.  It’s another example of how we all can make a difference.  And who doesn’t need to weed out a closet or two?   Next time we can swap at your house!

Founders of Swap for Good, (from left) Orli Cotel and Briana Cayo Cotter, socialize with hostess Debby Lesser and Ayunda Kusmierski

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