Last week was a milestone in community relations as two over-lapping neighborhood groups came together as one.  The official launching of “North Hills Community Assn” took place following a vote by residents during a meeting held June 16 at Hiller Highlands Country Club.  The inclusive gathering brought people together from both sides of Highway 13 who share the same issues.

After six months of discussion and planning, North Hills neighbors who strive to make life better are now centralized and coordinated within a single “umbrella” organization with a variety of committees.

“This unification eliminates confusion about where to look for leadership and help,” said David Kessler.  Kessler has served as past president and board member of NHPA or North Hills Phoenix Assn.  NHPA was a support group formed after the 1991 Firestorm. 
Joining forces is another group, formerly called North Hills NCPC or   Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council.  

“As a committee of the new North Hills Community Assn we will continue to work together to be safe and to strengthen our Neighborhood Watch groups,” said Nancy Mueller, former chair of the crime prevention group.  The police beat for the combined areas of the North Hills is Beat 13Y which straddles Highway 13.  Jim Dexter is the Pubic Safety Committee Chair of Beat 13Y. 

“The residents south of Highway 24 in Montclair have been historically under-represented,” said Dexter, who lives in that area of Montclair.
He is pleased with the broader representation bringing additional input and energy.   Problem-solving challenges cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to: vegetation management, drainage, zoning and construction issues and trail creation and maintenance.  Public Safety issues focus on crime reduction and emergency preparedness and response.

The new North Hills Community Assn can speak for the community and interface with the City of Oakland, County of Alameda and State of California.
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Contact http://www2.oaklandnet.com/nno for more info or to get involved in North Hills Community Assn. go to http://www.nhphoenix.org 

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