Déjà Vu

My new favorite place to meet clients and friends is The Elmwood Café www.elmwoodcafe.com (510) 843.1300.  The old days at Ozzie’s Soda Fountain are born again, complete with marble counter and little red stools.  The restoration looks and feels very much like the lunch counter Ozzie first opened in the 1950’s only better.  The Elmwood Café’s wood-roasted coffee tastes rich and the delicious gourmet menu changes daily. It’s open every day of the week 7am till 10pm. That should get you through breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks in between! It’s another wonderful reason to stroll in The Elmwood Shopping District www.elmwoodshop.com

Elmwood Café Owner Michael Pearce is a CAL graduate who remembers hanging out at Ozzie’s while a student, tending his laundry at the Laundromat across the street.  When the pharmacy closed a few years ago, Michael felt the place was too special and historic to be lost forever.  Pearce always wanted to own a restaurant, so he became committed to bringing the corner soda fountain back to life – and then some. Pearce partnered with the adjacent bookstore that needed more room, Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary & Garden Arts http://www.mrsdalloways.com  Pearce met with Mrs. Dalloway’s owners, Marion Abbott and Ann Leyhe.  They divided up the old pharmacy space so it worked well for both small businesses.  

The restoration took five months and is impeccable, thanks to the excellent work of two contractors: Ron Butier, Butier Construction, and Leif Loe, Leif Loe Construction (510)501.8131 leifloe@comcast.net  Michael Pearce has taken his good will one step further.  Patrons at The Elmwood Café may use their receipt as a ballot, to vote for a favorite charity. Half of the profits from the café will be donated to the charity with the most votes!

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