Putting my sweet tooth aside, I simply cannot say no to Brownies.  Especially the ones in the neighborhood.  So when Angelie Cecka knocked at my door, selling Girl Scout cookies, I couldn’t resist.  Two boxes, well that’s the minimum.  Four boxes, now we’re getting somewhere.  Six boxes seemed just right. Why not?  I can give some to my sons, Rob and James, can’t I?

Having two boys, I especially appreciate getting to know the daughters of family friends.  Like Angelie.  She is 9 years old, in third grade at St. Theresa School in Oakland.  Angelie and her equally adorable sister Isabelle live just up the street from us.  In recent years they have set up booths on various occasions, like Earth Day, offering cookies and lemonade. But now Angelie started pounding the pavement, peddling cookies, under the watchful eye of her parents, Walt & Jeannie Cecka. It’s gets complicated. Angelie must track of who ordered what, well, for how much — that’s taking salesmanship to a new level. “This is her first year selling Girl Scout Cookies and she sold 136 boxes!” said her mom, Jeanne.   “Her favorite flavors are Thin Mints, Lemon Chalet Cremes, Tagalongs, and Do-Si-Dos.”

One of her best customers is the Wrubel family across the street.  Brad & Kathleen have two boys; Nick and Conner, who love cookies so much they had to place a second order.

The Cookie Sale is the main fundraiser for the Troop, according to Angelie’s mother.  “It pays for many fun and interesting activities throughout the year.”  Angelie says that some people who purchased her cookies donated them to the Military.   When asked what she likes best about Brownies, Angelie said it’s fun to do special activities with her friends in Brownies.  Her favorite trip was an overnight at the Oakland Zoo with lots of other brownies.  Congrats to Angelie and her whole Brownie Troop 32899.  They sure sold a lot of cookies.  All I can say is, “WOW!”

4 Responses to “I CAN’T SAY NO…”

  1. Karen McClung Says:

    I LOVE the Brownie story! Please pass the cookies.

  2. Julie, like you say, cute (and in this case very industrious eh?) kids plus cookies are an impossible to pass up combination!

    Hope you are doing well!

    Best regards,


    P.S. Please “work on” Rob to get us a paid gig at Craneway, OK?

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