Joan Mikkelsen  
Pictures are worth a 1000 words, they say.  This is certainly true of the pictures taken by my creative neighbor Joan Mikkelsen  Joan is a member of our neighborhood cooperative Alvarado Artists.  She also does “family story albums,” photos of a day in the life of a family” placed in a hard-cover album. From one of their art shows, I purchased several of her photographs, now on display in our home.  Joan has a solo collection of her work for sale this month at her favorite bakery!  Stop by Sweet Adeline Bake Shop at corner of Adeline and 63rd  Enjoy!

“I hope my photographs take the viewer to places they long to visit. After visiting and living in Europe and South America, pictures of towers and seasides, lighthouses, cafes and walkways tumble through my head all the time. If I can’t transport myself to those spots at the drop of a hat, at least I can surround myself with beautiful and joy-filled images of them. That is a little bit of romance.” – Joan Mikkelsen

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