Where the Wild Things Are…

Wild things are alive and well in The Claremont Hills, above the historic Claremont Hotel.  For those of you who care about such creatures, visit www.nhwildlife.net .  It includes 1,225 pictures by 54 local photographers and a list of all the birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians reported in the North Oakland/Berkeley Hills last year.  A devoted birdwatcher, Kay Loughman, is the CEO of this informal neighborhood census.  She was thrilled when a neighbor just sent photos of a newt!

Kay’s interest in the birds and the bees began in her 20’s, when she worked at UC Berkeley.  One of her office mates put seed on the window sills for the birds.  Kay found herself looking for birds around campus and at home in her yard.  Through the years, she has found herself becoming friends with other “bird people.”  She is inspired by knowing that so many folks care about what’s going on nature.

Kay finds it fun to share.

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