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Please find a list of upcoming topics offered through this lunch-and-lecture series covering the end of January and February, sponsored by the very special City Commons Club www.citycommonsclub.org  2010 is the Centennial year for this non-profit organization.  It invites interesting speakers on most Fridays to a luncheon at the historic Berkeley City Club designed by Architect Julia Morgan.  By the way, the Berkeley City Club’s location at 2315 Durant is convenient, near UC Berkeley, BART and parking.  Visit www.berkeleycityclub.com for information room reservations for overnight stays as well as events and dining.

Before perusing the list, allow me to quickly tell you about the last two luncheons I attended.  Each was compelling in its own way.  Photographer James Martin showed slides related to his new book “Islands of SF Bay.”  The following week Dr. Bert Lubin, new CEO of Children’s Hospital & Research, talked about the promise of stem cell research.

Friday Jan 22 — Rachael Brahinsky, UC Doctoral Candidate in Geography, will talk about the making and unmaking of Southeast San Francisco.  The early settlers there began a colorful and often contentious history.

Friday Jan 29 – Rita Maran PhD teaches International Human Rights at UC Berkeley as well as USF.  There is a lot she plans to talk about. Scroll down for February’s calendar of topics and other information. Visitors are welcome with advance notice.

City Commons Club February, 2010 Programs http://www.citycommonsclub.org City Commons Club meets in the historic Berkeley City Club at 2315 Durant Avenue; Berkeley. The building was designed by noted architect and BCC member Julia Morgan. For information about City Commons: www.citycommonsclub.org or call (510) 527-2173 or (510) 428-0222. Pre-meeting coffee, soft drinks, wine, and conversation from 11:20 in the Venetian Room. Lunch served from 11:45 to 12:15; lunch is $15.50; coffee only: $5.00. Speaker begins at 12:30 and meeting adjourns at 1:30. Visitors welcome:  please call for lunch reservations by noon the day before the Friday meeting:    (510) 527-2173.

Friday, February 5, 2010  NO MEETING There will be no meeting on February 5. Berkeley City Club, where meetings are held, has a large event scheduled that will occupy their entire facility.

Friday, February 12, 2010  Noon Luncheon Sue Reynolds, Writer and Photographer “Understanding Native American People” Sue Reynolds has spent nearly five years documenting Native Americans at their celebrations across the West.  Through her beautiful images and her insightful stories, Ms. Reynolds offers a rare glimpse into the seldom-seen world of timeless Native traditions as well as a realistic view of how Native people live among us today. www.citycommonsclub.org

Friday, February 19, 2010  Noon Luncheon George Lakoff, Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics, UC-Berkeley “Bringing Democracy to California: Ending Governance by Gridlock” The 2/3 rules in the legislature mean that 1/3 + 1 — a 34%  minority in either the Senate or the Assembly — controls the legislature by saying no until it gets what it wants, which has resulted in economic disaster. The California Democracy Act (www.californiansfordemocracy.com) can return democracy and responsible government to California, simply by changing two words in the state Constitution, with the result that all legislative actions on revenue and budget will be determined by a majority vote. Professor Lakoff will explain his concept in a non-partisan presentation. 

Friday, February 26, 2010  Noon Luncheon Norman Bowen, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept of Political Science, Cal State University—East Bay “Nuclear Non-Proliferation: What Does It Really Mean?” Dr. Bowen will explain the nuances of nuclear non-proliferation in our complex world. With strong possibilities that North Korea and Iran are both trying to develop nuclear weapons, and with Pakistan—which already has nuclear weapons—operating with internal political instability, what are the implications for the world? Dr. Bowen teaches courses in International Relations, International Security, Public Policy on the United Nations, and World Problems. As Director of CSU’s International Studies Program, he promotes study abroad, language acquisition, and international internships. He taught in France for twenty years and he has a keen interest in European integration and international organizations.  www.citycommonsclub.org

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